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How To Make Money With Envato Affiliate Program

in the next five minutes i will show you exactly how i make an extra 500 per month   i will share with you my experience best practices and tips that will help you   be successful in this strategy keep watching so let’s start with my earnings to give you some motivation here i am in my dashboard i.


will go to reports section performance by brand i will filter now by envato and simply select this   year and apply you can see i got thirteen thousand dollars in sale amount and my earnings around   three 3 000 in the last 10 months so it’s around 300 per month in passive income wait a minute   if you are following me like two years ago maybe i published a video i showed you that.


i’m making around five hundred dollars with invatu why my earnings declined and   my business grew it’s somehow weird no it’s not weird simply at that moment i dedicated   a special time to promote envato i work to promote this special program but today i have more than 80   programs i’m working with if you open here notion you will see this list of affiliate programs like   84 programs i’m working with right now and the list is growing almost every week if you want to,


get this list for free just keep watching i will give it to you at the end of this video so how i   did this and how you can the idea the concept is simple affiliate marketing promoting the envato   affiliate program if you go here to affiliates you can join here and they have   multiple programs you can see the payouts here everything you can read this page i will keep   in the description below as you can see here that this program is perfect for bloggers influencers,


authors and even newbies so if you’re a beginner this program may fit you so the   first step is to join the envato program click on join program here and you can simply sign up with   impact affiliate network then simply go to brands my brands when you join and get approval   you can simply then click on envato market and then create a link and simply create a link to   promote whatever product you want as an example if you go here to which is part   of envato market and let’s say i wanna promote a wordpress plugin let’s pick anything like this one,


just right click and copy the link address and simply paste it here and then create your link   generate it just copy it and here we have the affiliate link i think this is somehow   super easy if you are following me with a lot of affiliate marketing case studies full pre-courses   here on my channel and this spot is the easiest part which is getting the affiliate link the   core work is in promoting the affiliate product let’s make things simple by giving a real example   from my work inside code carrying in that market we have the script mailwhiz to create an email   marketing application so what i did is simply i created this piece of content it’s a guide a step   by step tutorial please write this down memorize it if you want to promote things like this in   the envato market the best way is using tutorials you can create a step-by-step tutorial like this,


one how to install mailwiz and you can see all these are affiliate links so whenever someone   wants to follow up with me to install mailwhiz they will follow up using my links and they will   buy through my links this is very important and one secret tip here you can mix multiple affiliate   programs in the same tutorial as an example here we have mailwhiz we have namecheap if you go down,


here we have digital ocean all these are affiliate programs i’m working with and promoting inside one   article also here we have contabus so a lot of programs inside one piece of content this is very   important another example is this article 15 top email marketing tools you must be using right now   if you go down here you will see i’m promoting also mailwhiz so again the best way to promote   envato products in my experience is through content and especially tutorials now.


you may tell   me i don’t have a blog i don’t have a website simply go to medium like i did before i start   publishing in create a free blog in medium and published content on medium or simply   create a color space like this one by hdk we post content here and we promote our links inside quora   but make sure to promote with landing pages so not to be banned with quora this is the best way,


in my experience more than two years working with envato is to create tutorials you can also create   free or paid courses on if you want like i do also to promote your affiliate links   also if you go to my website you can promote with a deal section i talked about this in detail in my   affiliate traffic promotion videos and tutorials i really explained everything how to promote   affiliate links in details.


i have a lot of free courses here on my channel on how to get traffic   but really i don’t know why you are not watching and learning them it’s free content you can now   watch and learn and the only advice for you in this video the general advice is to start   a website don’t rely only on quora and medium start your own website simply because with your   website you can build your own audience and you can build your own brand and you can then promote   anything later on and don’t tell me i don’t have a budget i explained in detail how to   create a free blog professional blog.


how to earn money online|how to create a website for free on google and earn money


awesome option also to monetize your newsletter. This is not spamming, you are just sending your subscribers and at the botHi everyone! How are you?


In this article I will show you more than five new techniques to monetize your website and make more money even with the same number of visitors every month, so whether you have a website already or you want to start a website or a blog you must read this article to know how you can make money from different methods on the same website.


friends you know I don’t like wasting time, so let’s directly go to our topic and see my top five strategies, five methods to make money from your website. Before we start, please don’t forget, if you like to watch videos like this more about digital marketing, email marketing and much much more don’t forget

So let’s start with number one. Number one simply is accepting paid guest posts. What do I mean by that? Simply, if you go here to my blog, I have this blog I write articles about my business and whatever I want to give to my followers and viewers.


In my blog, if you go down here let’s go to this article “Keyword Research”, you will see that it’s not written by me. Someone contacted me before and asked about a guest post in my website. So, I simply allowed them to post this article on my blog. But of course in exchange with something.


So if you have a blog where you can accept guest posts, you can charge people for posting on your blog. If you have like maybe 5 000 visitors per month, 10 000 visitors per month and so on. Now you may tell me I don’t have that number of visitors.


I will tell you directly, go and get them. Okay, how? Simply by following my free “Seven Strategies of Getting Traffic” So you will not need to go anywhere else.  how to get at least one thousand to five thousand to 5 000 visitors every month for free, by working like maybe one hour a week or two hours a week to grow your website.


So, you can charge like maybe 100 or 200 $ or maybe up to 1 000 $ or more according to how many visitors you have on your website, for people to guest post on your website. You may ask, what people get of this? Simply, they get traffic.


So, people in my blog they will see their articles and read it and inside the articles they may be promoting their services. Anyway now this is number one, is accepting guest posts. Number two which i think it’s so familiar and you know it, is monetizing with ads. If you go here to My free SEO and digital marketing platform. If you go to any tool, by the way if you don’t know H-Supertools, go now and check it.


It’s totally free tools to help you grow online. Like this one, “YouTube keyword tool” you will see I have some ads on this website. It’s ads by Google AdSense. If you go here to Google AdSense, let’s open my account to show you this. So, these are my numbers, like yesterday six dollars, this month is around 234 dollars from the ads and so on. So you can post Google ads on your website.


Also, another option with ads is to sell ad spaces. You see these two ads here, this one on top and this one. These are not ads by Google AdSense, These are ad spaces I sold to these companies. If you go here to my services website you will see I give this service as a gig, I showed you this maybe in other videos. So for 99 dollars per month, I will post an ad for anyone who wants to promote anything.


This website gets more than 100 000 views every month. So I think it’s a good deal for people to publish an ad on my website for around 99 $. So, this the second method in the monetizing with ad strategy, is to sell ad spaces on your website. Again if you want traffic, please check my video about the “Seven Methods to Get Traffic” it’s totally free, just go and try it today and you’ll see the difference.


It’s in the description below. This is about monetizing with ads. Also if you want to use ads, you can monetize your newsletter. If you go here to my main website, you can see i have this newsletter on my main page. So I have a newsletter that people can subscribe to it and here is my email system with Mautic. As you can see like every day I get like 100 contacts, 73 contacts.


So every day I get the new visitors and new subscribers to my newsletter. How you can monetize this? Simply, whenever you send let’s go back to my system here, where’s my system Whenever you go here and create an email, Whatever system you are using, here I’m using my own email marketing system, I explained a lot in my channel here, and let’s say you created a new email, whatever now.


You can simply select anything, any template. Go to Builder. So, this the newsletter as an example. You can here add a small ad for someone else. So you can promote other services inside your newsletter and get paid for. This is really an tom of the newsletter, you can maybe add a promoted post or so on. So this about monetizing with ads using Google AdSense or similar networks, selling ad spaces or monetizing your newsletters.


Number four is going to a website called Repixel now please focus a little bit about one minute with me. What is three Repixel? Simply is advertising the traffic. Okay, what do you mean by this? Maybe you heard about Facebook pixels, Quora pixels, Google ads pixels. This is a small code that you add in your website. If you go here to the page source, to my HTML code for my website, and if you go down here, let’s go and search for Facebook, you can see here the “Facebook pixel code” so it’s a small code that you put in your website so you can track your visitors and then retarget them in a Facebook ad.


I explained this in detail and it’s really an awesome strategy if you want to run paid ads on Facebook or on Quora or on Google and so on. I explained this in detail in one of my videos, you can check in the description below also.


Anyway, so when you put this pixel and let’s go now to Instagram to Facebook, Facebook business. Just please wait one minute with me. This is very important and let’s go here to “events manager” and let’s open as an example H-Supertools you can see Facebook can create an audience, a custom audience with my pixel, using this pixel it will create this audience.


What i’m going to do with this audience? Simply I can create a Facebook ad to target with this audience. I think it’s somehow simple. So you can use a custom audience with Facebook using this pixel So to target people who are visiting your website. So what Repixels do? is simply it will give you a code, a pixel also to install on your website here. Then people can target your website’s visitor so maybe they are a new company similar to you.


Let’s say in my case I have this website H-Supertools, provides free SEO tools. So someone else want to run a paid ad promoting to people interested in SEO tools. So, it’s a good idea to promote to my audience. So in this way using Repixel can target my audience. So simply to give you a pixel to install and then people will be able to buy this audience or this pixel audience from me.


You can see here in my dashboard like i have seven active advertisers here and four for H-Supertools which pays like five hundred dollars after the first month. So it’s somehow a good option to monetize your website with also. So this strategy number four which is using a website called Repixel. Number five which I think it’s one of the best strategies is simply affiliate marketing. Is sharing affiliate links. If you go here to my blog again let’s say this blog article, if you go down here.


You will see i’m sharing some affiliate links. In this website here not here and Ii think in this guide mail with guide i’m sharing an affiliate link, and i’m promoting affiliate products so I can make more money just with the same post, with the same number of visitors everything the same I can make more money with ads, with affiliate, with Repixel, with selling ad spaces, with different strategies, with the same website.


So you can multiply your revenue with the same setup and this is really so important. So you can simply share affiliate links in your blog post, or a small note in my website here. I create a page called “Resources and Tools” I showed you this in my “Affiliate Traffic” video on how to get traffic through affiliate links, you can also check in the description below. By the way, you can see this page, I share all the tools that I use in my business to grow and 80% percent of these links are simply affiliate links, and I have on this website more than 10 000 visitors per month.


So I can simply get clicks using this awesome new page. So these are the five strategies to earn more revenue using your website online.


The last simple tip, if you want to get more money also using your website is simply accepting donations. if you are giving somehow good value to people, they will be maybe happy to donate you like with five ten dollars or more depending on your content.


So you can simply go to PayPal and add a PayPal button to accept donations or if you don’t have PayPal in your country, you can go with a website called Patreon which allows you to accept using Pioneer and by the way here i have two patterns I didn’t notice that really till today. I show like, I have 18 dollars as a donation.


It’s okay, so you can use like Patreon or PayPal to accept donations on your website. I hope you enjoyed this video. You got some new benefits, some really some new ideas that will help you grow your business and make more money online with your website whether you have one or you want to start a new website Please don’t forget, If you want to get more traffic,

grow H-Supertools to 100 000 views or more per month. My blog to 6 000 and my website to 10 000 views per month. So please, go and check this video to help you grow online. Don’t forget to read a book every day in 10 minutes on booksandmore.


blog and as a small gift for you in this video I have a giveaway, if you go here to services I will give this gig for free, for one of you. So I am going to promote your website or your service for free on H-Supertools for one total month.


Online Internet Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye 2021| Ludo khelkar kar paisa kaise kamaye

dosto aaj ke is post me batayege ki aap ghar baithe online internet se paisa kaise kama sakte hai to dosto is post ko poora dhyan se padhna tabhi aapko sabhi jankari milegi.


dosto online paisa kamane ke bahut saral tarike hai lekin aaj mai jo aapko batauga wah aap mobile me Game khelkar hi aap bade aasani se ghar baithe paisa kama sakte hai wo bhi bahut saral tarike se.


Aaj ke is post me jo paisa kamane ke liye batauga wah hai Ludo Superme Gold App jaha se aap bade hi asani se game khelege aur aap paisa kamayege kyuki aap to ludo khelte hi hoge par waha se aapko paisa nahi milta hoga kewal aur kewal manoranjan hi milta hai par aaj mai batauga ki aap kaise kheloge ki aapko paisa milega.

Ludo Superme Gold App Se Ghar Baithe Mobile se Paisa Kaise Kamaye

Step 1 :-

Sabse pahle aapko aapne mobile ke Crome Browser me jana hai aur dhyan rahe ki aapko PlayStore App me nahi jana hai kyuki waha se yah app aapko nahi milega Isliye aap ko Crome Browser me hi jana hai aur waha aapko search karna hai Ludo Superme Gold app Download yah likh kar aapko search karna hai aap jaise hi search karenge uske bad aapko Ludo Superme Gold App ki official website aa jayegi fir us par aapko click kar dena hai aap us par jaise hi click karte hai to aapko kuchh dusri tarah ka window khul jayega jaha se app Download kar sakte hai aur yadi aapse Download karte nahi banta hai to mai aapko isi post me kahi par us app ka Link de dunga jaha se app download kar sakte hai.


Step 2:-

Fir aapko us app ko Install kar lena hai fir iske bad aapko us app ko open karna hai aap jaise hi open karte hai to aapko aapne Paytm number se Singup kar lena hai aap jaise hi Signup karte hai waise hi aapko 10Rs ka Bonus milega jaha aap us Bonus ko istemal karke Game ko khel sakte hai.


Step 3:-

Dosto fir iske bad aapko aapne Wallet wale Section me jana hai fir us par click karke thoda bahut kuchh paisa add kar lena hai kyuki Aap jab Paisa Add karenge tabhi to aap game khelkar paisa kama payege, dosto paisa add karne ke liye aap apna Phonepe, Paytm, Google Pay, Debit Card, Credit Card ka use karke aap paisa add kar sakte hai.

Online Internet Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye 2021| Ludo khelkar kar paisa kaise kamaye

Lekin aapko Thoda waha par dhyan dena hoga paisa add karte samay jab aap paisa add karege to waha aapko Coupan Code dikhega use jarur use karna jisse ki aap yadi 50Rs add karte hai to aapko 20Rs extra milega total aapke Wallet me 70Rs add hoga.


Step 4:-

Dosto jab aap aapne wallet me paisa ko add kar lete hai fir uske bad aap game me ja kar waha se bahut sari cotegery rahti hai jisme app jine Rupya ka game lagana chahte hai utne Rupya ka Game laga kar khel sakte hai aur aapko Game khelne ke liye 10 Minute ka samay diya jata hai jisme jiska jyada score hoga wahi winning banega aur wahi jitega aur usi ko paisa milega .

Online Internet Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye 2021| Ludo khelkar kar paisa kaise kamaye

Dosto isme aap jitna paisa lagao ge uske anusar aapko Paisa isme milega aur jita huaa paisa aapke Wallet me add ho jayega jaha se aap Wallet par click karke dekh bhi sakte ho ki aap kitna jite ho.


Step 5:-

Dosto jo aap paisa jite rahege us paisa ko aap aapne Bank Account me Transfer karne ke liye aapko aapna bank account number link karna hoga ya ki UPI ID ko link karna hoga jaha se aap aapna paisa nikal sakte hai aap jab paisa Withdrawal karege to aapke bank account me turant paisa aajayega.

Online Internet Se Paisa Kaise Kamaye 2021| Ludo khelkar kar paisa kaise kamaye

dosto post ko poora padhne ke liye bahut bahut dhnywad dosto yadi aapko yah post achhi lagi ho to aapne dosto ke sath share jarur kare .

Thank You.



How to Earn Money Online From Mobile | 17 Ways to Make Money Online From Mobile Phone | Earn Online


Today I am going to tell you 17 ways to make money from this mini-computer, you cannot call it a mobile, it’s a mini-computer now.

These 17 methods are for students, females, housewives, the disabled, or anyone else sitting in his/her house and can earn money in any condition.

You can earn thousands and lakhs every month from this while sitting at home. I will not go into the details because I can only show you the way but cannot hold your hand and make you walk You will have to walk by yourself.

These are not schemes and even not a method to click here and there nor anything rubbish, this could be your whole career. You can do this as a job and if you are interested in making money and you are in pursuit of it then do subscribe to my channel. It’s been 6 years since I am teaching you how to make money.


How to make yourself precious, how to enhance your skills. My introduction is that at the age of 21, I was a dollar millionaire. At the age of 12 I started to make money that’s why I push you that as soon as you start learning skills in life and start making money, you will be easy in your life in the upcoming days. So there are 17 ideas.


Let’s start with chat support. Nowadays there is the trend of e-commerce, every website is operating 24 hours hence they need a 24 hours live customer service And this job is growing especially for girls. Again, I can explain to you that on my YouTube channel, I have displayed a full video and fully performed an interview of a lady, one of our sisters who do this work. Ok, the second idea is, video editing.


You are seeing this video, a vast majority of videos can be edited through mobile. Again, if you want to learn then there is my short course, you can write Azad Chaiwala video editor on YouTube and there are 23 minutes free course video and will make you a good and professional video editor with free software.


3rd thing is, graphic designing, yes Adobe packages are now started to launch for mobile phones and up to a good level, you can do photo editing and a little bit of graphic designing on a mobile phone. So that’s another profession to which I will force you to learn. The 4th thing would be social media management. You can see by yourself my TikTok account, almost 600,000 followers are there.

You can also see Instagram, Facebook, 8- 9 lakh followers are there. All these accounts are managed on mobile phones, the customer support, the posts uploading, the uploading of the videos, etc And every company requires a social media manager, every celebrity, and every person who is on a higher post. This is really a good option if you want to learn it. Its investment is very low and every person knows it. If you can manage your own Facebook and YouTube account then you can easily manage it for someone else. The next one, which is related to this would be social media marketing.


My editors here are Alhamdulillah very capable, I asked them and confirmed it and I have been doing social media marketing since the time when social media was not even started. Ok, you can say social media was started in 2004 with myspace, Facebook, and all that so I am doing online marketing before that and I have a lot of experience that you can do this work on a mobile phone. The 6th idea would be content writing, for someone else. You can do content writing, proofreading, writing editing for someone or you can run your own blog. This all can be done on a mobile phone The 7th item would be stock photography. Stock videography.


I have told you in a lot of videos that the videography is increasing against the photography and you can earn more money from it. Nowadays the mobiles, ok I have iPhone 12 but I also have 2 iPhone 6, ok, you can make presentable videos in it and you can sell them and you can also generate a passive income. 8th would be social media influencers. If you want to see the current example then have a look at TikTok. As soon as TikTok came to Pakistan than I can say more than 100 people became major TikTok influencers. What did they all use? their own mobile phones. Every person has his own different style and niche and you also find yours. These people can even make 200,000, 400,000, or 500,000 for even cutting a ribbon, and recently I have seen them in advertisements for VIVO and Nescafe.


They have become such a big celebrity, just because of a mobile, you can also become one of them. The 9th idea is also the same, running a YouTube channel. It’s a business and a strong thing, your reputation also increases even you show yourself on screen or not, both types of content can be created. And this can be your best source of income. The 10th idea is a virtual assistant. You will find fewer jobs on Fiverr but more could we find on Upwork and The duties of a virtual assistant can be performed through a mobile phone. That mobile which is in your pocket.


11th idea which is running for a longer period.Tutoring. A lot of our people are used to teaching the Holy Quran but one of my cousins is in Islamabad and he is running a successful business in which he teaches Maths, English, and different languages as well. I have even seen people teach cooking. You can also do this work. If you want to start this service on your own then you can display an advertisement on social media that I can teach you cooking, I can teach you this thing. You will need the same camera, your mobile phone, and you can do live streaming and zoom or skype sessions. And as long as the demand is concerned, after COVID it has increased a lot.


Every person now wants to learn safely from home. especially foreigners. Then our people can earn Dollars and Pounds from them but the condition is that as I always tell you that you must have any skill. Skill can always be sold and it costs you nothing. It’s not a stock that you have stored, it’s in your mind. Keep on teaching, keep on earning. The 12th idea is a voice-over artist. It can be used in advertisements, while telling a story, in YouTube videos and is demanded everywhere if you can speak, ok, if you can tell a story then voice over artist. There are a lot of gigs. In my life, I think I have bought voice over services for 400 or 500 videos and where I already discussed YouTube and the quality of the camera I think my first 300 videos were filmed on iPhone 5 and look at Irfan Junejo if you know him.


And his first vlog series was filmed on iPhone 7. Those phones were launched 5-8 years back. 13th idea, mobile app testing, game testing. If you know me then you know that for a longer period I am attached to game development. If I say that at the age of 21 I was a dollar millionaire that was because of the gaming industry. I have hundreds of, maybe 1000 plus games and to test those games I need to hire a game tester. So this is a job that you can do from your mobile, obviously, it’s a mobile app but you need to be disciplined in this. Again, you can also visit Fiverr and if you visit other freelancing sites then you will get jobs related to it.


The 14th idea would be a call centre worker. What I know about the UK is that a vast majority of Bank’s call centres or any other service centres which I used to know, If now I call them, the call receiver is now sitting at his home, I even can hear their children’s voice in the background. They are all doing work on mobile. Their apps can work there and now you can work on a call center even if it’s from the UK or wherever but you can work from your home. So that’s a really good advantage to our people because our cost of entry is very low but you need to be talented.


The 15th idea is Data Entry. There is not a lot of money in data entry but its jobs are easy to find. The vast variety of data entry jobs, which is copy and paste, can be performed through a mobile phone. The 16th idea would be transcription and translation. Both of these tasks can be performed on a mobile phone. In the coming period, you will be able to see the Urdu translation of my YouTube channels videos into English.


Up till now, six videos have been completed. And at last, there would be basic sound editing and mixing. To make every video strong, sounds are added to it. Voice can also be recorded in it. Professional sound mixing softwares are also launched. And that’s it. These were the 17 ideas from which you can make money. From some ideas, you can even earn lakhs per month from home.


Whatsapp se paisa kaise kamaye 2021

दोस्तों अगर आप Whatsapp का इस्तेमाल कर रहे है तो आपके लिए यह जो पोस्ट है बहुत ही अच्छा होने वाली है दोस्तों आज के इस पोस्ट में हम आपलोगों को बतायेगे की आप Whatsapp से पैसा कैसे कमाए ? आज के समय में हर एक व्यक्ति के पास स्मार्टफोन है और यदि उसके पास स्मार्टफोन नहीं है तो वह खरीदता है

तो वह सबसे पहले तो आपने मोबाइल में Whatsapp ही इंस्टाल करता है और वह ज्यादा समय आपने Whatsapp को चलाने में ही लगा देता है लेकिन ऐसे में कुछ लोग होते है जो की Whatsapp Group Create करके घर बैठे बहुत अच्छा पैसा कमाते है ?

आपने भी आपने मोबाइल के google में सर्च किया होगा की Whatsapp से पैसा कैसे कमाए या की फिर आपने यह भी सर्च किया होगा की internet से पैसा कैसे कमाए

लेकिन आपके सामने बहुत वेबसाइट सामने आई होगी जहा से आपको अच्छी जानकारी नहीं मिली होगी लेकिन दोस्तों आज के इस पोस्ट में हम आप लोगो के लिए जो आपको बतायेगे वह से आप बड़े ही बहुत आसानी से बिना मेहनत किये घर बैठे पैसा कमा सकते हैं

इसलिए दोस्तों आज के इस पोस्ट में हम आपको कुछ बहुत ही अच्छा 5 ऐसे तरीके बता रहा हु जहा से आप बड़े ही आसानी से Whatsapp से पैसा कमा सकते है तो आप इस पोस्ट को पूरा ध्यान लगाकर पढ़ना .


व्हात्सप्प से पैसा कैसे कमाए – How to Earn Money From Whatsapp..?

दोस्तों यदि आपको ऑनलाइन घर बैठे Whatsapp से पैसा कमाना है तो आप इस पोस्ट को पूरा ध्यान से पढना क्युकी आज के इस पोस्ट में हम आप लोगो को जो बतायेगे वह बहुत बेहतरीन तरीके बताने वाला हु तो जहा से आप बड़े ही आसानी से कुछ कम करके पैसा कमा सकते है
Whatsapp से पैसा कमाने के लिए आपके पास एक स्मार्टफोन और internet कनेक्शन और ज्यादा से ज्यादा आपके पास Whatsapp नंबर होना चाहिए ?
क्युकी Whatsapp Group आपको बनाना पड़ेगा एक Group में 256 नंबर का एक ग्रुप बना सकते है इसलिए यदि आपके पास जितना ज्यादा नंबर होगा उतना ही ज्यादा आप group बना पायेगे क्युकी यदि एक group में यदि 256 लोग होगे
तो यदि आपके पास 10 group होगा तो आपके पास 2560 लोग हो जायेगे तभी आप ज्यादा से ज्यादा पैसा कमा पायेगे ?

Whatsapp से पैसा कमाने के लिए सबसे अच्छा 5 तरीके

1 . Affliate Marketing के द्वारा

दोस्त यदि आपने आपने Whatsapp group में बहुत अधिक लोगो को जोड़े है तो आप Affliate Program से ज्यादा पैसा कमा सकते है इसमें आपको Affliate Amazon, Affliate Program Flipkart और बहुत Most Popular Ecommerce एब्सिते है इस पर
आप account create करके AffliateLink को आपने Whatsapp group में लिंक को शेयर करना है जहा से कोई ना कोई लोग तो उस लिंक पर क्लिक करेगा और किसी भी Product को खरीदता है तो उसका कुछ प्रतिशत आपको Commision मिलेगा जिसे आप आपने बैंक account में ट्रान्सफर
कर सकते है .

2 .Earning Apps से

दोस्तों आज के समय में हर एक व्यक्ति के मोबाइल में Earning Apps इंस्टाल होगे और आपके whatsaap group में बहुत सारा message भी आता होगा यदि आप group में जुड़े होगे तो जिसमे Free Paytm cash , Recharge Apps और इस तरह से भी मैंने कमाया 50 रुपया तो दोस्तों यदि
आप भी Earning Apps से पैसा कमाना चाहते है तो आपको Whatsapp Earning Apps
group create करना होगा या फिर इससे Releated group को ज्वाइन करना होगा जहा से आप Apps Referral Link को group में शेयर करेगे तब यदि कोई भी आपके लिंक से उस Apps को इंस्टाल करता है तो उसका भी Commision आपको मिलेगा जहा से आपकी कमी होगी .

3 . Youtube Channel ko Promotion करके पैसा कमाए

दोस्तों यदि आप सोच रहे होगे की व्हात्सप्प से Chaneel को कैसे प्रमोट करके पैसा कमायेगे तो मै आपको बताता हु क्युकी Youtube Channel को मोनेटाइज करने के लिए 1000 सब्सक्राइबर और 4000 घंटे की जरुरत होती है ऐसे में आपको करना क्या है की आपके पास
whatsaap group में 1000 से ऊपर लोग तो होगे ही यदि आपने ज्यादा group को ज्वाइन किया होगा तो
तो आब आपको नए नए Youtube Creator जो होते है उनसे Contect करना है और उनको बोलना है की मै आपके चैनल पर 1000 सब्सक्राइबर कम्पलीट करवा दूंगा जहा से उनसे आपको आपने हिसाब से 3000 से 3500 तक रुपया लेना है और उनके चैनल पर सब्सक्राइबर आपको कम्पलीट करवाना होगा जहा से आप
बहुत ही अच्छा पैसा कमा सकते है ?

4 . Website को Promot करके

दोस्त Youtube Promotion की तरह यह भी है इसमें आपको उसी तरह से Website वालो को कांटेक्ट करना है और उनको बोलना है की मै आपको traffic दूंगा आपके पोस्ट पर views दूंगा आप आपने हिसाब से views बता सकते है की हम इतना views दे सकते है
आप के पास जितने group होगे उसमे जितने लोग होगे उसके अनुसार आप बता सकते है की हम आपको इतना views देंगे और बदले में आपको उनसे पैसा लेना है इसी तरह से आप बड़े ही आसानी से पैसा कमा सकते है ?

5 . Facebook Page को Promotion करके

दोस्तों जो ट्रिक मैंने Youtube Channel और Website के बारे में बताया है वही ट्रिक आपको facebook में भी करना है उसी तरह से आप Facebook Page को प्रमोट करके आप अच्छा पैसा कमा सकते है

दोस्तों पोस्ट को पूरा पढने के लिए आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद ! मै उम्मीद करता हु की आपको पता चल गया होगा की Whatsapp से घर बैठे पैसा कैसे कमा सकते है यदि आपको यह जानकारी अच्छी लगी हो तो आप आपने दोस्तों के साथ भी शेयर करे
की Whatsapp से पैसा कैसे कमाए .






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